Productive Meetings, Every Time.

Bring structure to meetings, define goals and measure outcomes. Never lose track or exceed time. When you're done we generate a summary automatically and send it to all the participants!

Never a boring meeting again!
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We fix your meetings in 3 steps ✍️

We automate the most tedious yet important tasks from a meeting. You can focus on the meeting while we track the progress and generate transcripts and generate a summary.

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Add the topics

Setup what you want to talk about and include a time slot for each topic or use a template like daily standups, refinements or your own.

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Have a meeting

Start the meeting and automatically give every participant the right time slot. Breeze through the meeting and don’t go off track.

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Get the details

We automatically transcribe the meeting, store it for future reference and email all the participants a generated summary.




Team collaboration for the new workforce

Meetings should be focused, fast and clear. Define goals before the meeting and setup time slots for each subject. Don’t get off track and never exceed the time planned.

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Need to lookup previous meetings? It is super easy! Just checkout the time slots and recover any missing information.

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Async meetings

Have a remote team? Run meetings over longer times and cross time zones. Never wait on each other.

Fits into your workflow

Connect with your favorite tools and enhance the collaboration

Upload and sync meeting material
Automatically setup meetings
Connect your boards and code reviews
Google Calendar
Setup meetings directly from Google Calendar

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Never a boring meeting again!